Richard G. Watson

Entrepreneur and Speaker

About Richard

Richard Watson is the Managing Director and founder of Ethos (Hong Kong) Limited, a corporate and trust services company, offering comprehensive business solutions, including Incorporation, Trust, Accounting and Tax and Administration services. Clients are typically from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA.

He has set up more than 1500 companies since 1998 (as well as numerous trusts), and has been a director or trustee on more than 100 of these.

He has been in General Management and Executive Level Operations, Sales and Marketing roles in Australia and Asia since 1988.

Over the past 28 years, Richard has presented at many conferences worldwide including Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, different cities of Australia and Canada, Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Fiji and Canary island, Spain and a lot more.

Richard believes that he has learnt many lessons from his clients over the years and that every speaking engagement is the opportunity to apply and share that knowledge in assisting new and existing audiences.

Australian born, Richard graduated from the University of New England in 1982, where he majored in Pure Mathematics and Statistics. Richard has spent many years working in Asia and studying and has since added to his academic portfolio to include a Science Degree, Diplomas in both Education and Professional Development, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, MBA in Marketing and International Trade; as well as Compliance (CAMS) and Trusts (TEP) Diploma in Trust Administration.

Richard’s prime motivation is to ensure that he, his team and his business is exactly where his clients need them to be.

In 1997, Richard decided to become an expat and moved to Hong Kong. He became its permanent resident - lived and worked there - since then.  To support the growth of Ethos (Hong Kong) Limited, Richard commutes regularly to Manila, where his back office is situated, to ensure that all back office needs are looked into.

He took advantage of this opportunity, and perhaps felt that things are even turning out to be more accurate. He discerned that having travelled throughout Asia for many years, seemed like the right thing to do, and the right place to be. And it was but not for the reasons he thought. He thought he knew Asia so well – within a week of moving to Hong Kong, he realized he was completely out of his depth and knew absolutely nothing. But he learned fast. "You have to, in Hong Kong", he noted. He was of the opinion then, and still, that Asia was where he needed to be.

In his more than twenty years of living in Hong Kong and Manila, and having travelled way too much around Asia, Europe and North America on business, he has seen many, many foreign entrepreneurs and companies (mostly small to medium enterprises or SMEs) come and go. Hence, the passion to write his own book he calls Homeless Entrepreneurs.

As a wrap, Richard’s being an outstanding business leader is inevitable. He provides excellent executive support to his clients and staffs. He is always determined and passionate of what he is doing all through the years.

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Consequently, Tim Clements, one of Richard’s clients had a very good recommendation of him. To quote, “Richard is a sound businessman with extensive knowledge in company management, set up and organization. His personality as an attribute to his high standard of service and customer care he provides at Ethos. I have recommended friends, clients and personal acquaintances to utilize his expertise time and time again. Richards team is also a product of his calm and supporting nature which deliver world class services to their client base. I have successfully set up 3 business now with Richard and has had supported my entrepreneurship through-out the process.”

by Tim Clements